From there,
with others




There are various workshops, all focused on intimacy; connecting with yourself, and from there connecting with others.


These workshops are spaces to enjoy and explore intimacy in a safe environment.

For the upcoming workshops, see our calendar.

In a private session, there is space for sincere connection, touch and reflection.


It is a time to grow, enjoy and relax. Whenever something difficult comes up, we are there to support you. Nothing is crazy, everything is welcome. 

We would love to connect with you!




Intimacy is

being seen and known as the person you truly are.

A world in which we see each other.

Knowing what our wishes and boundaries are and

being able to communicate this .

And where there is space to discover, play and feel free.


Feel welcome here!


About Us

“A twinsister is a buddy for life and a continuous mirror, whether you like it or not.” 

Being identical twins has shaped us into who we are. We are each other's buddy for life and continuous mirror. This taught us the power of reflection, and connection.


We always wanted to join forces 'later when we grow up'.

But in high school we chose to go our own way. 

Joey went to study psychobiology, psychology and midwifery, Maxime the audiovisual arts, international development and anthropology.

After university came the moment that we stumbled upon different kinds of intimacy workshops (tantra, kink, touch and cuddle workshops, etc.) and we found our mutual passion again, and our wish to join forces.  

Maxime Caton

Joey Caton

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