Private Sessions

We believe touch is the best way to come to ourselves. 

A private session is for everybody who wants to explore themselves or simply enjoy touch. 

This in a safe environment, where you don't need to do anything you don't want and where everything is done from calm and with loving attention.

In private sessions we go deeper into your process and see what you need at that time.

This can simply be the enjoyment of touch, where you can completely relax and enjoy the touch you receive.

We also call this a cuddle session. Here we can also provide a listening ear for what lives and wants to be heard in you.

The power of such touch and attention is often underestimated, while proven to be necessary for our physical and mental health.

You may also want to learn to recognize and understand your own body language in physical contact with someone else:  


  • How does your body communicate a yes,

  • a maybe, and

  • how does a no feel? 


The body never lies and tells us flawlessly what we want or don't want.

Many of us have lost our connection to our body to some degree, so we no longer hear or understand our body language. We seek the answers by thinking, in our head.

The head often does not know what we want, but what is socially desirable, and that is not always the best for us.


By making decisions with the head, we often think about what we should want.

By listening to our body we can feel what we really want.


In the private sessions we can make ourselves more sensitive to our body language again, finding a connection with ourselves.

Perhaps there is a need for an experience or research to: 

  • touch someone else for your own pleasure. Do you know what you really want? Or / and

  • can you surrender to the touch of someone else, who touches you for his or her own pleasure?


We can use dynamics to experience different forms of touch, and thus multiple sides of yourself.

Furthermore, we work with platonic touch. Sexuality is certainly not a taboo, on the contrary. We are happy to explore and discuss it with you. However, a practical sexual act will not take place during these sessions.

Not because sexuality is wrong, but to experience how special and insightful touch can be when sex is not the end goal or focus. So clothes stay on.

The first appointment we discuss where you are now, where you want to go and what is in the way.

Often the first private session is a cuddle session, because it is the best way to get to know each other in a relaxed way and to build an atmosphere of familiarity.

A private session is sparring by doing, experiencing and reflecting, hoping to discover and welcome all aspects of yourself.

And above all; have fun and enjoy touch!


The costs of a 1,5 hour private session are €85,-

(longer sessions are also possible).


A first session lasts 2 hours, where the extra 30 minutes

are a gift from us. 


We believe our private sessions should be available for everybody.

If you feel that our rate is beyond your financial capacity, reach out to us and we can discuss the possibilities!